Twice Weekly 30 Minute Telephone Consultation

Weekly Writing Analysis and Consultation

Grammar Lessons and Structured Program

After the 6 Weeks, 6 Follow up Consultations

6 Week Intensive – Developing English competence for English speaking jobs and careers – Vocabulary, Grammar, Study Technique – Exam course books (sent to your address).

We develop together the speaking skills to further improve your speaking, writing, and fluency – Level B2+. Each week I send follow up reports to 2 telephone consultations, a marked writing exercise, and set tasks from the coursebook.

I further give you one monthly consultation for 6 months to a year, with an option to progress onto advanced speech formation work, with a view to developing a business English career.

  • 2 x 30 minutes telephone consultation – with follow up reports.
  • Marked Writing Exercise + Grammar & Vocabulary 2/3 hours per week.
  • Exam Techniques & Study with Exam Books.
  • Monthly consultation with follow up reports for up to a year.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Richard Cooper

rjcfraser –  Business English Accelerator


RJCFRASER – BUSINESS ENGLISH ACCELERATOR – 6 Week Intensive: Exam Preparation / Writing / Tel Consultations / Monthly Consultation for 6 months – Fr.- 2000 (Dollar Price is the same)

ADVANCED SPEECH FORMATION WITH POETRY / RECITATION – Overcome foreign accent, articulation, develop speaking power, speech exercises. 20 weeks X 1 hour. Fr.- 1500

PRIVATE LESSONS – Fr.- 120 per hour

COMPANY COURSES – Fr.- 200 per 80 minutes.


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