Bec Vantage Units 4-7

Ultimate Bec Vantage Vocabulary List.


Ok, once again these are the key words and expressions I think you need to get an A or B in the test

– because who wants a C! yawn!

As before when making notes get example sentences from business articles on Google.

Simply type ‘business’ before the word such as ‘make a good impression’ and you’ll get a series of good articles. Copy and paste to a document to create a good record of your studies and research.

Unit 4 Making Contact

How do you make a good impression? Why should you carry out research before you make contact? – check availability- dress formally – body language and attitude.



Unit 5 Breaking into the Market

– pricing strategy – affordable or over-priced – top end or mass market – upmarket or downmarket – Who does the product appeal to ? Who are the main competitors? What is publicity PR and the importance of viral videos? What’s the difference between print ads and social media? target audiences – market segment.

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English Coaching For Your Job

rjcfraser – Business English Colloquium

Coaching has become a catch-all term for helping to reach certain goals, be it professional or in sports: practical techniques for improving performance. So how does coaching relate to learning English?

Psychodynamics & Team Management

If you are running a team we must often be aware of different views and perceptions of those people we have to manage. As a leader, we must develop our emotional intelligence to deal effectively with the teams we manage and work within. Sometimes we don’t have the time to think about the needs and goals of those around us every day. When we do think about them, we can come to surprising insights into how teams function. Are we challenging those around us? Do they trust us? Do they fear us? How can we find our sovereignty in stressful situations? Imagination is an important skill to develop to look at issues in their complexity. By using metaphor we can build varied pictures of how to understand an issue or problem.

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