Bec Vantage Units 4-7

Ultimate Bec Vantage Vocabulary List.


Ok, once again these are the key words and expressions I think you need to get an A or B in the test

– because who wants a C! yawn!

As before when making notes get example sentences from business articles on Google.

Simply type ‘business’ before the word such as ‘make a good impression’ and you’ll get a series of good articles. Copy and paste to a document to create a good record of your studies and research.

Unit 4 Making Contact

How do you make a good impression? Why should you carry out research before you make contact? – check availability- dress formally – body language and attitude.



Unit 5 Breaking into the Market

– pricing strategy – affordable or over-priced – top end or mass market – upmarket or downmarket – Who does the product appeal to ? Who are the main competitors? What is publicity PR and the importance of viral videos? What’s the difference between print ads and social media? target audiences – market segment.


Unit 6 Launching a Product

raise finance – raise awareness – do market research – budget allocation – supply chain – make a pitch – set up a production facility. What are the key first steps? How do you do market research? Where can you get finance? how should you make your pitch?

make a pitch – make a bid – prepositions pitch at / for

make a bid to obtain a contract or other business.
“the company is making a pitch at a £200 million market”

try to obtain, try to acquire, try to get, bid for, make a bid for”he made a clear pitch for the support of the left of the party

The product is pitched at young people from 20-30.



As a further write up report writing practice, answer the following questions in relation to the previous Units.

Unit 4 Making Contact – You work for a travel agency. Write a report concerning how customer services employees should speak to customers on the phone. Outline 3 specific examples of issues that have arisen with customers and offer 3 specific solutions.

Unit 5 Breaking into the Market – You are looking to further expand your product range in eastern Europe. Outline the market research strategy, and 3 examples of necessary steps to be taken. Decide on a product.

Unit 6 Launchuing a Product – Watch Dragons Den and write up one product. What was good about the pitch. Give 3 examples

For all reports remember to include Introduction; Findings; Conclusion. Include relevant expressions p.121-124 Bec Vantage Students Book.



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