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What is Conversation Based Learning?

Conversation Based Learning

– works with the very simple but effective idea of learning English through conversation. In conversation you are more concentrated, more relaxed and more open to learn. As we listen and speak we develop the skills we need in many of life’s situations and challenges. Are you a manager or CEO or in a new position that requires additional English expertise? Learning English through conversation helps you become more competent in your job.

Chairing Meetings

Do you lead and chair meetings? Often it’s polite expressions that you need, and then the practice to make sure everyone has their say in a discussion. Do you follow the agenda? Or is it chaotic, with some individuals dominating. Polite expressions enable the chair to encourage some people to speak and signal to others when they have spoken too much.

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In preparing individuals for careers in multinationals, teamwork and leadership is of vital importance. Leading groups requires the ability to develop presentations, and to engage in group discussions. On a more informal level, it is the ability to engage in networking: the ability to socialise and develop relationships. Either way, Business English demands an enhanced vocabulary, grammar, and practice in situations where fluency is all important.

Learning Speaking

Improving vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation can be achieved through conversation. Becoming a better speaker can help in all kinds of situations from networking to team leading and sales. New opportunities are there in the future for you if you can feel more comfortable in English. Learning through conversation is the basis on which deeper study of grammar and vocabulary can take place.

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