Create Your Own English Vocabulary PDFs

Create Your Own PDFs

Getting a PDF online can be a nightmare. All over the internet, you have to sign up for this or that site, or pay a subscription or go through too much information. The sites are packed with content, and a lot is irrelevant – It gets annoying! As a teacher I would encourage you to make your own.


Do the research yourself

Designate a theme for the Pdf. For example, I’m teaching about trade fairs at the moment, so that’s going to be the theme for my page. I then cut and paste different sections of text from different articles. This could be from blogs or news outlets, or even comments. The important thing is that the sentence is correct and natural in the use of English.

For example : ” the trade fair was good, but we ran out of samples and the booth collapsed on the second day.”

As you can see I’ve put the words I want to learn in bold.

Example 2 : ” The speaker was very persuasive, he held our attention right to the end.”

Again, this time in relation to presentations I’ve put in bold the words I want to learn.


Develop a vocabulary portfolio

The two examples above I took from the Bec Vantage syllabus (Presentations & Trade Fairs). The Bec Vantage book has 24 such Units. If you are studying for the Bec Vantage exam, you could do the same. Otherwise select the areas that you are looking to learn vocabulary for.

For example: Marketing 


Unit 1 Advertising

Unit 2 Brand Identity

Unit 3 Copy Writing

Unit 4 Brand Awareness


Now go to the internet and research articles talking about these things. You can go directly to google and type it in, or go to BBC or Forbes etc. Then copy and past the words and expressions that you like.

Unit 1 Advertising:

‘get your message – ‘win people over’– an advertising campaign – celebrity endorsement

I’ve selected these words and expressions because for this level B2 these words will probably be new words for students.

If the sentence is nice, copy and paste that too.

For example:

“George Clooney’s winning smile has continually won people over to his special brand of coffee.”

Good sentences are memorable and will help you remember vocabulary!


Learn words in twos

As you can see form the above it’s important to learn words together in multi-word combinations. This is how we speak at higher levels of English: in expressions and phrases; and collocations – words that go together. Learning this way will help you adapt to a more fluent style.


Getting organised

Get a good notebook or file to store your new pages, print them out or store the Pdf’s on a cloud drive; you can then come back to them to update them at any time. As you go on, you should have a great one sided Pdf of the subject you are researching.


Word Families & Friends

Learning occurs through associating words into families. When a word is remembered it then triggers the brain to remember the whole word family to which it is related.

– I think that makes sense.

The second thing that makes sense is that you remember the subjects and content that you like and is important to you: so, make sure you search for content that you believe is intelligent and meaningful to you.

  • These exercises are helping you educate yourself at the same time into the business English world online.
  • The exercise will develop your interest in the English language, and expand your vocabulary from B2 to C1.
  • They are a good background work to speaking on a particular topic. You can start to sound more authoritative.
  • You will be able to keep a Pdf record of your progress. This is especially important for exams, but also for your own motivation.

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