Bec Van Vocabulary Lists

Ok, here is the ultimate English vocabulary list for Bec Vantage. (Units 1-3)

If you learn this list, and the others for the next Units 3-24, you’ll get a B or an A in the exam.

That’s not a promise, but at least you’ll probably get a higher mark in the writing part of the test.

Be prepared to answer the following questions with examples.

Staff development & training

Are you commited to your work – a consistent performer – corporate culture – a dedicated worker – How much overtime do you do? – Can you earn awards at your work? – Is there an in-house training? – What material incentives are there? – How is your time management?– How often does your company take on new staff (turnover)? – Does your company promote from within?

Job descriptions & job satisfaction


Are you involved in any large-scale projects? – efficient use of time – personnel department – In which environments do you thrive? How would you describe an effective promotional campaign? – workwise – selling point – warehouse – hire and fire – fulfilling & rewarding job – demanding & challenging job

Getting the right job


advertising campaign – assign tasks – task assignment – follow up on a lead – intimidating – embarassing  – prospective employer – keep on your toes – intellectually stimulating – dull – a dead-end job – prospects – emphaisze the positive – What image does your company have? How should you behave in an interview? What is relevant and irrelevant experience? inspire – innovate – interactive platform – eye catching logo – internship – brand – brand awareness

Wherever possible find collocations: i.e words that go together

For more information about the Bec Vantage test see the first link. For general information see the second.

The speaking part of the Bec Vantage Test.


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