Learning English Speaking

Well, of course first you have to actually speak it. But there are lots of opportunities for that.

I’m going to talk about a more hidden method for higher level improvement. These are  ‘secret’ methods that if you get them right, move your English along much quicker.

I’ll outline them below.

Backstory : 

I was having coffee with another student on my German course. In the coffee break we got chatting. 

I asked her where she was from, and she said Holland. I was surprised because I would have said England. 

Her accent was perfect.

Don’t be disheartened. I know, some people, especially women, have this ability to take on accents. And it’s commonly known that the Dutch education for English is especially good.

So, I was curious.

I asked her what her secret method was. This is what she said:

Read a book that you’re interested in, preferably a story. As you read, slow down a bit.Now, let the words ‘sound’ inwardly as you read. You will have to keep reminding yourself to re-read and slow down.

When you get the technique right you will learn when the language sounds ‘right’ and when ‘wrong’.

Keep reading

It’s all about perseverance and motivation. You have to learn to speak by listening to yourself as you read.

Slow down, and listen.

This exercise will slowly move you towards greater fluency. The difficulty is, we aren’t used to reading slowly and we aren’t used to concentrating.

Imagine yourself fluent

You have to visualise your motivation of speaking English like a native speaker with fluency. And then you have to listen inwardly while reading.

I know this is difficult, but it’s like going to the gym. It’s all about repetition and practice.

Maybe at the moment you’re English is a bit unhealthy, but with a good workout twice a week it can become slim and healthy.

Give up the bad habits:

Not reading in English

Not making notes of new words

Not having goals and aims

Personal Frustrations

OK, I’m not going to say that this method of learning doesn’t need hard work. I have the same problem learning German; I’m in the same boat.

I’ve tried this technique, and I can honestly say that it, probably works. At some point I’m going to practice more.

  • Definition of procrastination: – putting off to tomorrow what you could do today.


Motivation is very important in learning a language. It’s also important to keep going at higher levels. It’s important to have a variety of techniques.

If you can designate two reading sessions per week when you try the techniques outlined above, you’ll make some good progress.

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